BioTe Facts

What are the pellets made of?

  BioTE pellets are made of pure estradiol or testosterone from plants, usually

  soy or yam. Stearic acid is used to bind the hormone into the pellet form. The 

  likelihood of anyone being allergic to stearic acid is rare ( aspirin contains

  stearic acid).

How big are the pellets and can you feel them?

  They are no bigger than a grain of rice. Occasionally pellets may be felt 

  underneath the skin due to swelling , but this typically disappears within 24


Why should I get bio-identical HRT?

  Pellets are the only hormone delivery method that mimics the testicles and

  ovaries.  Within 24 hours of insertion, the body starts building capillaries 

  around the pellets.  As blood flows by the pellet, ,the body absorbs the

  hormones and they are steadily released into the blood stream.  Unlike other

  delivery systems such as creams, patches, gels, or synthetic injectables, the

  patient does not experience the "rollercoaster effect'.  The BioTe method of

  insertion guarantees patient compliance issues.

Are the pellets FDA approved?

  The estrogen and testosterone in the BioTe pellet are FDA approved.  The 

  manufacturing of the pellets are under strict FDA regulations.

How often do patients need pellets?

  Most women have symptom relief for an average of 3-4 months. Absorption of

  the pellet is determined by activity level.  For men the average is 4-6 months.

What kind of blood work does BioTe use for testing?

  For women: estradiol, total testosterone, FSH, TSH, Total T4, Free T3, TPO, CMP,

  Vitamin D and B12 . Lipids are optional. 

  For men: estradiol, total testosterone, free testosterone, PSA, TSH, Total T4, Free

  T3, TPO, CBC, CMP, Vitamin D and B12.  Lipids are optional.

What about birth control?

  Stay on your birth control. Pellets do not serve as a method of contraception.

  Premenopausal women need to remain on birth control to avoid pregnancy.

Does BioTe use saliva testing?

  Saliva testing only measures what hormones are in the saliva.  Blood labs 

  don't lie.  A key hormone, FSH, can not be detected in saliva.

How long will it take for the pellets to get into my blood stream?

  24-72 hours.  Symptom relief can occur anywhere from 24 hours up to 3 weeks

  for first time patients.  Patients should expect to feel some degree off symptom 

  relief within a month of pelleting  or sooner.  Dosage and treatment plans can be

  adjusted if the patient has no symptom relief.

What is the cost?

  $150 for the initial consultation.  $480 for women.  $880 for men.  Labs may be

  covered by your insurance.  We have a mobile lab service that will come to 

  your home.  Most insurances accepted.  Cash price for labs is around $80.

After insertion what happens to the pellets?

  Over time the pellets are completely dissolved into the blood stream and 

  eventually disappear.  Patients will know when it is time for their pellets to be 

  replaced when their symptoms begin to return.

Can breast cancer survivors receive pellets?

  Yes, Breast cancer survivors can be treated with testosterone.  They should not 

  receive estradiol.  Testosterone alone can address up to 90% of symptoms

  common in breast cancer survivors such as fatigue, depression, bone loss, 

  and libido loss.

Can prostate survivors receive pellets?

  Yes, after the prostate cancer has been treated or removed and the PSA is 

  negligible the patient can be pelleted.

Does BioTe remove pellets?

  No , all known secondary responses are treatable. There would be no reason to 

  remove the pellets.

Are there any side effects?

  Generally side effects are more common with prescription drugs.  Less than 2%

  of patients experience side effects.  Some reported secondary responses are

  noticeable in the first two rounds during the initial balancing phase or the re-

  optimization phase.  In women side effects include fluid retention, especially in 

  hot months, spotting if she still has a uterus and estrogen was given.  

  Progesterone will be prescribed for those women with a uterus and given

  estrogen.  Acne may occur.  Hair may appear to grow faster when hormones

  are optimized.  Approximately 1% of the time women may have hair thinning.  

  In men side effects include mild fluid retention, acne, or more hair growth. Men

  may also experience some testicular shrinkage which is normal.

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